Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chasing Chaplin

From the Sierra Sun:

"The Gold Rush" opens with a line of hundreds of fortune seekers climbing a rugged mountain pass — what today is known as the Palisades at Sugar Bowl. The shot, which includes a tent and cabin village, was groundbreaking for 1924.

"It was considered to be one of the most outstanding feats in terms of logistics," said David Totheroh, Rollie Totheroh’s grandson.

One of the essential ingredients to the opening sequence was a lot of extras willing to scale the Palisades. The film crew found their answer on the streets of Sacramento.

"They brought in three carloads of hobos from Sacramento," Totheroh said. "They got to spend the day with the king of all tramps — Charlie Chaplin."

Charlie Chaplin turns 116 in a Kutch town

From the Sunday Express of India: "There's not much to see in Adipur. But today, this prosperous outpost in the Kutch desert, about 20 km from the Kandla port in Gujarat, commemorated an event most of us didn’t even know about: Charlie Chaplin’s 116th birthday.

Late in the evening, 56-year-old Dr Ashok Aswani, president of the town’s club of Chaplin addicts, Charlie Circle, culminated four days of celebration with a cake-cutting ceremony for The Tramp, before settling in with neighbours and friends to watch Gold Rush for the nth time."