Thursday, December 30, 2004

In lieu of news, here's Charlie's "official boutique". It's a rather robust site featuring his movies (of course), music, bio, books and more.(Too bad that so few of the live performances mentioned are in the U.S.)


At 9:13 PM, Blogger anngel said...

I am trying to leave a message to the Chaplin family or those responsible for memorablia. I was a nurse who cared for a friend of charlie's and who in facilitating his affairs and passing sang to him the song," Smile" of which were the last words he ever heard before he died, and his last words were to me to give to charlie's family. After his passing I notified the persons of whom would contact Chaplin surviving family, and or friends. But the story behind charlie and my client were not revealed at the time of his passing to those I contacted, as it was sudden and unexpected death to his friends of the Entertainment buisness, even though he was in his 80's. The client was known as the " Blind Actor, many knew him as that and
name BOB. There was a memorial here in Palm Springs for him in 2003, by his peers... not family. I was not able to attend and explain this marvelous way in which he was eased into passing. I just want every one to know it .. It was so beautiful to me. thank-you..... I have more of the story to tell.
sincerely.... : Anngel


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